Concrete Cutting & Sawing

Perth's Leading Concrete Cutting & Sawing Service

When it comes to the removal or replace of concrete for your project, it’s vital that you use a team that has highly specialised equipment and can complete the job efficiently and to your specification.
That’s why Dust Free Concrete Cutting are Perth’s trusted specialists for all your concrete cutting and sawing requirements. We have successfully completed projects across a wide range for residential, commercial and industrial projects alongside top industry professionals, who continually rely on our team for superior concrete cutting and sawing services. Our 35+ years of industry experience and advanced skillset have allowed us to deliver flexible and dependable service that guarantee your satisfaction.
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What Makes our concrete cutting & sawing so popular

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Precision Cutting Services

With every concrete cutting job, we use the best in concrete cutting technology and equipment. Using these high-quality machines and tools to allow us to achieve consistent and exceptional results on every project. We are highly trained and skilled in cutting your concrete to your every specification in a precise, safe manner. So, you get a quality cut concrete that is of the highest standard.

Small To Large Scale Cutting Solutions

At Dust-Free, we guarantee your satisfaction for the work we produce. From residential renovation projects to large industrial jobs, our acquired knowledge and expertise provide you with the best solution for your project. So, you can have ease of mind and feel confident in moving forward on your project with us.

Outfitted With the latest equipment

Our access to a wide range of quality concrete cutting equipment allows us to be flexible in our concrete cutting services. If you are looking for a specific cut or opening for your project, just tell us and you can be assured that we will deliver an efficient, reliable result.

Some of our cutting services include

Floor Sawing

A concrete cutting method that is used to create lines and openings on a horizontal plane. Floor sawing is most commonly used for plumbing and electrical jobs to create trenches for installations.

Wall Sawing

Used to create accurate lines and opening in concrete structures. Wall sawing is typically used in building renovations to cut open new door and window openings. Wall sawing is a quick and accurate method that saves on time and money.

Hand Sawing

A cost effective method of cutting concrete, Hand sawing is used for small jobs or in confined areas. Using our portable high-quality diamond saws, we can make precision cuts and create chases for electrical or plumbing jobs with minimal effort. 

Our Expertise

The reason why clients value our services is because we give them a superior experience and high-level quality of work that they won’t get anywhere else.

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Equipped With Advanced Tools

Equipped with specialised concrete cutting, drilling and grinding tools of all sizes, we have what you need for your concrete cutting and drilling work.

Expert Solution

Our experience in the industry has provided us with the opportunity to become highly knowledgeable in identifying your needs to provide effective solutions. Allow you to save on resources and time.

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Personable Service

A positive and friendly attitude goes a long way. We are always ready to have a chat with you to provide advice, answer any questions and help you in any way we can.

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Professional & Efficent

Our wealth of experience and qualifications make us highly efficient in delivering quality services. We ensure that we get the job completed in a timely and effective manner with minimal delays.

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Flexible Scheduling

Dust-Free provide the best in service with our flexible operating hours. If you have timely restrictions of your project, we can work your schedule so you can worry less about having to organize your time.

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Connected With the industry

With our established network of tradesmen and building companies in Perth, we can offer you recommendations or contract their services to assist in completing your project.

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Our Values

World-Class Customer Service

Dust Free Concrete Cutting stand by the belief in delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our commitment to you is that we look after your needs and provide the best possible solution to help you complete your project.

You Matter to us

Getting your return business is important to Dust Free. That’s why we approach every job with the goal to be as efficient as possible with our time. Producing a quality result that will impress every time.

Communication at every step

To us at Dust-Free, communication is key. We ensure that when completing a job, We are always on-time and punctual with our communications. Giving you an ease of mind when you are enquiring on updates for your project.

Safety is paramount

Ensuring that work is done safely is also paramount to Dust Free’s values. Our specialists always ascertain that before and during a job, all safety procedures and protocols are met. Easing the pressure of you worrying about accidents or incidents occurring within your project.

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