Mechanical Servicing (Air Conditioning)

Preparing for an installation or removal of an air conditioning system?

We offer our expertise and specialised service to assist you in the completion of your project with minimal disruption.

Our 35 years of industry experience has seen us take on all facets of concrete cutting for residential and commercial air conditioning projects. We ensure that we communicate and work closely with you to understand your needs to execute our work with surgical precision. Allowing you to work effortlessly in finishing your project with efficiency and to the highest standard

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Services We Provide For Air conditioning Servicing

At Dust-Free, our concrete cutting and drilling services come with a world-class professionalism, customer service and exceptional attention to detail.

Concrete Cutting & Sawing

We offer a range of concrete cutting services that be tailored to meet your every specification. Our specialists use top of the range equipment in ensuring we make accurate cuts that assist with your air conditioning project.  

We can provide concrete sawing services to help with the installation of:

- Air conditioning units
- Ducting
- Underground conduits and electrical wiring
- Any air conditioning installation or repair needing concrete cutting

Wall Chasing

Working on an air conditioning project that requires a specific cut across a concrete, brick or block wall? Our expertise and access to specialised equipment lets us perform high quality cuts that allow you to install any electrical wiring needed with ease

Our experience in working with air conditioning projects across residential and commercial setting has made us versatile in providing wall chasing for:

 - Air conditioning wiring
-  Multi-level electrical wiring  
-  Any other air conditioning system   requirements for your project

Core Drilling

We provide core drilling services. Making clean openings for easy installation of wiring or ducting for air conditioning systems. Our experience and flexibility allows us to perform core drilling on all types of base materials including concrete, brick or block.

We can provide concrete core drilling services to help with your air conditioning project of:

- Range hood ducts
- Air Conditioning ducts & ventilation
- Dryer ducts
- Running air conditioning wires through flooring and walls
- Any air conditioning installation needing concrete core drilling

Wall Chasing

Dust Free has the tools and capabilities to perform wall chasing for all your electrical requirements. Working with you, we will ensure that your project is completed to specifications, and within the given timeframe.

We have worked across a variety of residential and commercial projects, which has allowed us to be versatile in our industry. Allowing us to provide wall chasing for the installation of:

- NBN services
- Home theatres & smart wiring
- TV cabling & Foxtel
- Multi-story commercial and residential cabling between cornices
- Internal and external lighting
- Air conditioning cabling
- Any other wiring or electrical requirements for your project

Concrete Cutting & Sawing

For electricians needing precise cuts for various electrical projects, Dust Free can offer a quick, efficient service. We have vast range of equipment, including wall saws, floor saw, & handsaws allowing us to make the right sized cuts to get your work done .

We can provide concrete sawing services to help with the installation or repair of:

- Air conditioning units
- Electrical wall box installations
- Underground conduits and electrical wiring
- Any electrical installation or repair needing concrete cutting

Core Drilling

For those who work in electrical installations, we provide core drilling services to assist in making your job simplified, and efficient. We can perform our services on all types of base materials including mass concrete, reinforced concrete, brick work, and block work. Leaving precise cuts that will allow for the rest of your job to be executed seamlessly.

We can provide concrete core drilling services to help with the installation of:

- Air Conditioning ducts & ventilation
- Range hood ducts
- Running wires through flooring and walls
-Dryer ducts
- Any electrical installation or repair needing concrete core drilling

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Why Choose Dust Free

Professional & Highly Trained

With a wealth of experience and qualifications acquired over the years, the professionals at Dust Free are second to none in delivering high quality concrete cutting and drilling services. As leading specialists, we treat every customer like our biggest client where no job is too big or too small. We just need you to tell us what needs to be done and we’ll take it from there.

Communicative & Punctual

At Dust Free, we believe that communication and punctuality are key motivators in being professional and establishing trust. That’s why we have perfected our communication efforts and dedication to stick to due dates. Making us highly efficient in delivering a completed job in a timely manner.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our professionals are fully licensed to operate on most concrete cutting and drilling equipment and at any commercial space in Perth. We are also fully insured with workers compensation, so you won’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Personable Service

Dust Free is dedicated in bringing you the best service possible to ensure your satisfaction and repeat business. That’s why we always bring a good, friendly, ‘can do’ attitude that communicates and accommodates to your liking in getting the job done.

Well Equipped

Dust Free have access to some of the highest quality concrete drilling and cutting equipment available. Combined with our skills and expertise, we are highly proficient in handling any job that guarantees a superior quality result for your electrical project.

We Value Safety

As leading professionals, Dust-Free makes safety a no.1 priority all the time. We ensure that our clients know of the safety procedures we put in place to give them an ease of mind for their project. Our steps to guarantee full safety of our specialists means that we follow strict guidelines to ensure work is completed with minimal risks and to the highest standard.