About Dust Free Concrete Conrete & Sawing

Our Story

Dust Free Concrete is an owner-operated concrete drilling business started by Mark Conti.

Why did Mark choose to start Dust Free Concrete Cutting?

Marks decision to enter the industry came about when he found ways to enhance his skills as a concreter. His skills enable him to deliver superior services to local tradesman.

Dust Free is a North Beach based Concrete Cutting contractor. With over 35 years of experience, Mark is well established as a concrete contractor.

The approach at Dust Free is a service oriented, client focused business. For any concrete job, big or small, we have the necessary license and insurance to complete it on time. Mark has built his reputation on completing all job that Dust Free Concrete has taken on for the first time.

Dust Free is owner-operated. This means you can be confident that you will be in direct contact with a trained professional. This allows us to work together, ensuring your project gets completed on time and to budget.

What We Do

Dust Free Concrete's core services are commercial and residential industries.

Some areas which extend our services include:

Home and Renovations:
If you need concrete cutting services for your new home build or home renovation, we can help. Our professional services allow your project completion to be on time and on budget.

Shopping Centres Shop Fit-outs:
Maintenance and repairs are a thing that often requires completion at Shopping Centres. This usually takes place outside of business hours, but depending on the urgency can vary. Our Certified Team can operate in major shopping centres across the Perth region.

Stadiums and Commercial Buildings:
Need specific cuts or openings for your commercial project? Our experts have the experience and skill in providing concrete cutting services. These solutions get tailored to your specifications allowing you full control.

As a team of certified and licensed professional concrete cutters, we can work on most sites. Some examples of areas we have worked include Commercial Areas, Buildings and Features. This has given us the opportunity to work on well-known projects and busineses in Perth like:
  • Optus Stadium
  • Cockburn Gateway
  • Multiplex
  • Samwell
  • BGC
  • Perth Museum
  • Joondalup Shopping Centre
  • Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre, and many more.

  • With expertise in the industry, and a keen eye on safety, Dust Free is an efficient business. We ensure that time-critical projects get completed on time without comprimise to safety.

    Optus Stadium

    Joondalup Shopping Centre

    Perth Museum


    Our Expertise

    Our clients value our Service because we give them a great experience and high level quality of work.

    Equipped With Advanced Tools

    Our team attend sites equipped with Specialised Concrete Cutting and Dilling tools. No matter the size, we have what you need for your concrete cutting and drilling work.

    Expert Solution

    We have over 35 years experience in the industry. This experience has helped us to have the knowledge required to identify your needs. Once we have identified the needs, we can provide an effective solution. This will allow you to save on resources and time.

    Personable Service

    A positive and friendly attitude goes a long way. We are always ready to have a chat to provide advice, answer any questions and help you in any way we can.

    Professional & Efficient

    Our wealth of experience and qualifications allow efficiency in delivering a quality service. We ensure that we get the job completed in a timely and effective manner with minimal delays.

    Flexible Scheduling

    Dust-Free provide the best in service with our flexible operating hours. If you have timely restrictions for your project, we can work to your schedule so you can worry less.

    Connected With the industry

    We have established a network of tradesment and building companies in Perth. This enables us to offer recommendations or contract their services to assist in the completion of your project.

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    Our Values

    World-Class Customer Service

    Dust Free Concrete stand by the belief of delivering excellent customer service. Our commitment is that we will look after your needs to provide the best possible solution.

    You Matter to us

    Getting your return business is important to Dust Free. That’s why we approach every job with the goal to be as efficient as possible with our time. Producing a quality result that will always impress.

    Communication at every step

    To us at Dust Free, communication is key. We ensure that we are always on-time and punctual with our communications. This gives you an ease of mind when you are enquiring on updates for your project.

    Safety is paramount

    Our number one priority is to ensure the completion of a job safetly. Our specialists ensure all safety procedures and protocols are met. This eases the pressure on you worrying about accidents or incidents. This ensures that they will not occur within your project.